These are the best pomades on the market and I use them for both my male and female customers. They give hair great body and I can easily style making the hair flow without being pastey like other products. I prefer to use Fibertech products over any others out there. I like them because they are water soluble and wash out so nicely. They never feel greasy.

Fermin V., Pro Stylist, Campbell, CA

Your Grip Grease and Groove Grease have become my two favorite styling pomades. My clients love them too. I have tried other pomades that we sell at the salon, but none of them work like yours.

Jacquie P., Pro Stylist, San Francisco, CA

It is so easy to work with your products. They let me get just the right look I am going for. Not only that, but my customers say their style lasts longer than before. They always ask what I used and usually end up buying your pomade to use at home. I'm always surprised by the number of customers who go for the big size. They must really love it - like I do!

Charlene T., Pro Stylist, Los Gatos, CA

I have tried a lot of hair pomades at my shop, but yours are better than all of them. I don't have to fight to get the style I'm looking for. Also, the final style stays put, but doesn't look all gluey and stiff. Customers love them too. We're selling a lot more of yours than the other brands we carry.

Chad M., Pro Barber, Walnut Creek, CA

I Love how your Groove & Grip Grease rinse right out with water. This is especially nice for me after I apply them to clients' hair. I just rinse my hands quickly under the tap and they are clean. Not so with some of the other stuff I've used. Most importantly, the styling effects I get are awesome - I have total control! I can't wait to see what new products you come out with in the future. A matte clay would be great!

Leona P., Pro Stylist, San Jose, CA