True Versatility and Degree of Style

Professional salon stylists demand a lot from the products they choose to use. Their experience and talent will not settle for products that don't give them the versatility to help them achieve their style vision. When we created GROOVE GREASE and GRIP GREASE, we listened to stylists' demands and strived to develop styling formulas that would be effective tools in the stylist's arsenal. By varying the amount of product used, along with the method of application, stylists can fine tune the effect they achieve. Also, applying the products to slightly damp versus dry hair, or with damp or dry fingers varies the results greatly. Stylists have even been known to combine varying amounts of our two formulas together to create a custom mixture. We encourage all of our customers to be creative and experiment until you find just the effect you are looking for. We have provided powerfully effective styling tools in our GRIP and GROOVE GREASE products to help everyone achieve incredible results. In our TIPS & TECHNIQUES section, we will continue to share the best information on how to work with our pro styling products.